Oregon – November 2014


Florida – 2014

We spent a week in Miami and the Keys this past August. We were first there in August 2011 for work and had a wonderful time. I was going to post a link, but apparently I never got around to posting pictures. Oops. There is this. Soon is relative anyway. And I think this counts so there’s that. Our activities were similar to the previous trip, sans conference, and consisted of mainly eating, drinking, sitting on the beach, table tennis, walking, eating, drinking, driving, and night photography (not necessarily in that order).

First morning breakfast:

First morning beach time:

That was basically all the pictures we got :-). We got a little too much sun the first day (always reapply sunscreen after water!!)  so not a whole lot more beach time. The hotel at which we stayed had free wine hour everyday. And table tennis. Presumably to be enjoyed concurrently. Wine hour table tennis is a thing right?

Tuesday we left for the Keys, so lots of driving with a little drive-by photography. 

But once we got to our place (we airbnb-ed it), we met some new friends. This guy was quite territorial. LOOK AT MY CHIN FLAP. HEAD BOB. HEAD BOB. CHIN FLAP. Or maybe he was trying to mate with us. Either way. And this girl reminded us of our Loki except she looked like she’d cut us if we got too close.

We rented some kayaks to tour the mangroves, but it’s surprisingly not too fun when it’s 90 out with 80% humidity. We walked around Key West, doing more eating, drinking, and watching the sunset. Unfortunately no wine hour table tennis. But Spencer took these awesome sunset pictures. Finally there was the night photography. The full (super)moon meant long exposures looked like daytime, but with more stars. Wish we had done more of this, but even with long sleeves and long pants I was still eaten alive by the mosquitoes. 


Sunriver – 2013

This is my second post in a year, but I’m going to call that a win. Some pictures from Oregon this past July. Enjoy! Also, you can purchase these as postcards from my Zazzle store here!

That’s me! Spencer took this one. 

Throwback Thursday

I have a ton of images that I’ve taken this year but haven’t posted :-(. So, I figured I can do a throwback series on Tuesdays  until I catch up! First up something relatively recent, fireworks on the Fourth in the inner harbor.

Sunriver Skies

We were in central Oregon a few weeks ago, and man is it beautiful there. We did some night photography with my new camera (!!), below are are my favs. I definitely want to live there some day.