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Infrared Photography

I don’t remember when or how I came across infrared photography, but I was taken but how differently things look in infrared. Briefly, infrared is the spectrum of radiation that falls between visible light and microwaves. To photograph in IR, there’s a filter that you add to the camera lens that blocks all (or almost […]

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The National Zoo

I discovered today that I love ducks. Ducks are totally the coolest birds ever! I went to the National Zoo today, with a main objective to see the Big Cats. But I stopped by The Bird House and The Flight Exhibit on my way, and while I’ve always liked birds, I guess I never realized how awesome and silly […]

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Great Falls Preview

On a whim today, we decided to go to Great Falls National Park. It was another beautiful day, and we were both restless. I looked up hiking trails on the interblag, and came up with Great Falls. It’s also only about 20 miles away, so a quick drive later we were there. It’s definitely another […]

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National Arboretum – ie a lesson in reading

This past Friday we had awesome weather: near 80, sunny, slight breeze. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, but had it narrowed down to either the zoo, cherry blossoms (again), or the national arboretum. I figured I’d start walking to the metro and decide on the way. I’d just been to the cherry […]

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