Monthly Archives: April 2011

Ada – 1 year

It’s been really cool having clients come back for more sessions, and seeing how their families change and grow over time. Here are a few pictures from my session with Ada, such an awesome little girl! So full of energy, curiosity, and laughter. And she’s got such a wide range of facial expressions, it’s amazing. […]

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Alexandria Flowers

Gosh it sure has been a while since I posted here :-(. Guess that’s just how life goes sometimes. I’m so glad it’s getting warmer out, spring in Alexandria is lovely (and colorful)! I don’t like bugs, insects, flies, etc. (basically anything in the creepy crawly category), but how CUTE is this little guy?

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Cherry Blossoms

I love the cherry blossoms! I guess the weather made them extra white this year, but I think it looked pretty cool. Made everything look snow covered. Just beautiful. I think this one is a cherry blossom but I’m not quite sure. It’s more willow-esque and pink, so perhaps not. Still pretty though! These are […]

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