Out and About in Baltimore

We’ve been in living in Baltimore about a month and a half. Though there’s occasional drawbacks to living in the city, I’ve generally been enjoying it. It’s really nice being able to walk everywhere, and we’ve certainly been doing a lot of it lately.

This is the Inner Harbor, shot from the NE Brasil when it was in Baltimore a couple weeks ago.

Looking toward Federal Hill Park.

Ok so this isn’t a picture of Baltimore. We went to a farm a couple weeks ago, and saw this Alpaca. She looks like a… Elanor. Stately. Distinguished. Very beautiful.

Florida – Preview

More coming soon!

The J Family – Vienna

I met up with the J family last Sunday, and boy was it hot!! But I had such a fun time, and the kids were great despite the heat! Maybe the promise of ice cream afterward had something to do with it :-).

These two are such characters!!

The A Family – Clemyjontri Park

Besides being difficult to pronounce (CLEM-EE-JON-TRI, CLE-MY-JON-TRI, keyboard mash?) Clemyjontri park is awesome. It makes such a colorful, fun backdrop for pictures. I met the A family almost a year ago (really a year?!) and every session with them is so much fun! This one certainly wasn’t an exception.

I wish I had half as much energy as Ben has!

Ada – 1 year

It’s been really cool having clients come back for more sessions, and seeing how their families change and grow over time. Here are a few pictures from my session with Ada, such an awesome little girl! So full of energy, curiosity, and laughter. And she’s got such a wide range of facial expressions, it’s amazing. Thank you guys for working with me again!

This was my favorite part of the session, a quick game of peekaboo!

What a sweetheart!